Maintenance Department

Maintenance is performed with the intent of assuring that the maximum life of HACY owned and managed assets/property be attained at the minimal possible cost.  Repairs to project components are made using high quality workmanship and materials so that the value or life of the projects is never lessened by the quality or extent of the repair.  The methods, materials, tools and equipment used in performing all maintenance functions are based on life cycle cost rather than initial purchase price alone.  The standards of maintenance services are consistent with the objective of providing decent, safe, and sanitary housing using sound economic principles.  Additionally, HACY maintenance maintains attractive buildings and grounds.   And, to the greatest extent possible, general property maintenance will not be deferred. 

Public Housing Residents

In case of a maintenance emergency please contact your public housing manager or our maintenance emergency number for after hours assistance 928-920-2363.

View our HACY Maintenance Plan