The City of Yuma established the Housing Authority of the City of Yuma (HACY) as an independent agency in 1976.   HACY began its operation with funds to assist 200 families under the Section 8 Program.  Today, HACY is funded to assist 1122 families under the Section 8 Program.  Approximately 400 area landlords currently participate in the program by providing affordable rental housing opportunities for HACY residents.

HACY began construction of Public Housing in 1978, beginning with 28 units.  Currently HACY has over 235 units.  HACY also provides third party management services for 30 units of elderly housing at Casa Sierra Vista and 36 units of Low Income Housing Tax Credit Townhouses for families in Carver Park. 

HACY administers a Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS).  There are currently approximately 232 active Family Self Sufficiency Participants.  In 2007 the HACY FSS Program assisted 18 families in their effort to become homeowners, through guidance, education and training, and the provision/leverage of down-payment assistance.  HACY’s FSS Program is one of the largest and most successful in the Southwest. 

Additionally, HACY provides exceptional maintenance services.  Maintenance is performed with the intent of assuring that the maximum life of HACY owned and managed assets/property be attained at the minimal possible cost.  Repairs to project components are made using high quality workmanship and materials so that the value or life of the projects is never lessened by the quality or extent of the repair.  The methods, materials, tools and equipment used in performing all maintenance functions are based on life cycle cost rather than initial purchase price alone.  The standards of maintenance services are consistent with the objective of providing decent, safe, and sanitary housing using sound economic principles.  Additionally, HACY maintenance maintains attractive buildings and grounds.   And, to the greatest extent possible, general property maintenance will not be deferred. 

HACY employs 30 staff members who enjoy a respectful and professional, team-oriented work environment. 

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