The Housing Authority of the City of Yuma (HACY) is a proud sponsor of the Family Self Sufficiency program.  HACY is very pleased with the many accomplishments of our program participants as well as the staff that contribute a great deal to the success of the Housing Choice Voucher FSS program.
As of Jan 2013, there are 249 Section 8 participants actively enrolled of which 123 have escrow accounts with positive balances exceeding $263,000. In addition 106 Public Housing Families actively participate and their escrow savings total more than $95,000.  In keeping with HUD’s goal, HACY plans to continue expanding the program at a rate of ten percent annually in addition to producing a minimum of five homeowners each year.  
In short, the Program’s guiding principle is focused on changing an individual’s context as in doing so will encourage behavior modifications leading to economic independence.  The FSS Program helps Section 8 Program/Public Housing residents build assets, increase their earnings/resources, and ultimately achieve long-term financial independence by creating educated homeowners. 
As of Dec 2012, 139 families from Section 8 have successfully graduated the FSS Program.  Of that 64 families have purchased a home utilizing the HCV Section 8 mortgage assistance program.  In addition, 16 S8 FSS buyers have ported out to the County Housing Authority utilizing S8 HCV mortgage assistance.  Further, the YNDO has offered seven additional new housing units to S8 HCV buyers.
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